Connecting with your inner divine essence is the first step... The Adventure is how you express that as you!


My name is Celia Fenn and I share my work and my passion with you through this website. Please enjoy the site and the information!

 Welcome to 2016!   As we look forward to our journey 2016 we are working with the New Earth and the New Energies. 2016 will be a powerful year for preparing to manifest the New in your life. Archangel Michael and the Angelic forces are a constant guiding presence in our lives, as are the Star Nations and the Master Teachers from Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleaides.  We will be learning more from them in 2016 and I will be sharing more Light and Information with you.

 Private Consultations

I will also be offering 10 Personal Soul Star Sessions in October  2016, where I offer powerful intuitive and channeled guidance for your life and Soul Purpose!

Upcoming Events

October :  Star Shaman training Course 1 Basic and Course 5 of Level 2....Plant Medicine and Sacred Dream Work.

October/November Webinar : The 11/11 Stargate webinar.  Moving through the 11/11 portal with Archangel Michael in preparation for the Grand "New Beginning" of 1st January 2017. (1/1/1). Activations and Initiations to align you with the new energy of Passion, Soul Creativity and the Manifestation of Joyful Abundance.  Dates : 30th October, 6th November, 11th November and 13th November.  This will include attendance at the live sessions with Celia Fenn in the Zoom online webinar room, video recordings of the sessions via Vimeo and Course notes. Please click Here for more information.

 November 18th to 27th in Turkey

Please join us for a wonderful Seminar/Workshop experience at the Lidya Sardes Hotel near Izmir.  The event will be called "The New BeginningCreating Peace and Harmony through Conscious Creation" with Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael. This will be a 3 day seminar to activate your special connection to your Soul and Higher Self and learning how to express this through Conscious Creation and Intuitive Soul Expression.

November 22nd & 23rd : Private Sessions in Izmir.

If you would like to book or receive more information please contact the organizer Simin Saygi at

November 26th & 27th : Seminar and Private Sessions at Radia Center in Istanbul, Turkey.  More details soon.


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What's Happening This Month

  • crescent moon goddess 1
    1 October 2016
    New Moon in Libra

    The first of two New Moons in October 2016.

    This New Moon is in Libra, and as it falls on the 1st of the 10th, it also celebrates the 1/1 and the rising of a New Beginning.

    This is a wonderful time to celebrate the Libra, relationship and creativity...and to dream new dreams of a new cycle in your life.

  • 14446003 10154614750448958 2759915392763309106 n
    10 October 2016
    10/10 Portal

    The 10th of October is the date of the 10/10 Portal...a Stargate or Timegate that allows for the flow of incoming new Light Codes and energies to begin manifesting and creating a New Beginning.

    This is a powerful time to focus on your Dreams and Desires and what you wish to manifest in the  coming year of 2017.

  • full moon aries libra eclipse
    16 October 2016
    Full Moon in Aries

    The Full Moon in Aries brings in a passionate and fiery energy that blends well with the Libra Sun energy.

    It is a time to celebrate the Inner Union of Divine Energies in complete mastery, and also to give care and energy to any relationships that carry your passion and your heart at this time.

  • scorpionewmoon 1
    30 October 2016
    New Moon in Scorpio : Black Moon

    The second New Moon in this month falls in powerful Scorpio.

    (It is also Halloween the next day, so we can expect that the veils will be very thin and our connections to the other realms will be very powerful at this time.)

    It is also the powerful "Black Moon", so it is such a good time for planting seeds and watering those already planted into your dreams and desires.

Private Soul Star Consultations with Celia

I will be offering 10 Private Soul Star Channels in the month of October 2016.

Click here to read more or book your private session.


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