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My name is Celia Fenn and I share my work and my passion with you through this website.

I am an International and Self Employed Personal Empowerment and Creativity Teacher. Working with Spiritual Energies and through my writings, channels, books, paintings, global seminars, online webinars and personal private sessions, I will help you to find your inner power, your connection with your soul and your mission in this lifetime.

You are welcome to join our Community of Light in our ongoing conversations about Ascension and Transformation.  We gather in webinars, via the website and Facebook to share information, channels, videos and celebrations of key moments in the Sacred year.  Please join our newsletter if you would like to know more about our Group activities in the Sacred Year.

I hope to accompany you as you "fly forth" on your Journey of Light!

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2021 : The Return of the Magdalene and the "Pure Ones" (Cathars): Creating a New Earth

800 years ago it was prophesied that the Cathari, the Pure Ones, would return to the Earth to reactivate the Time Line for the path of the Feminine Christ.  In this year of 2021, the Divine Feminine Christ energy of Mary Magdalene will provide the Bridge into the New Earth.

On this website it is my aim to inform and support you as you move through these transitions to the New Earth that is birthing.!

 I offer you assistance and support in connecting with your Inner Power and the New Earth frequencies..  You can purchase "The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality" from our store which will help you to understand the New Earth Reality, you can join one of our online webinar courses, or you can benefit from a Private consultation.  There are also many free online offerings available on an ongoing basis.  You can also join our Mailing List at the bottom of the "About Celia" page.

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2021 Taurus Gate Webinar Series

April/May 2021.  

Join our Community to celebrate the Taurus Gate transits and to learn about the New Earth.

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In March 2021 I will be offering 10 Private Soul Star Sessions of one hour (USD250) and 10 one question sessions of 30 minutes (150USD).

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Message of the Day : 4th March 2021

Mars /Pleaides transit : 4th March
Right now the planet Mars is making a transit of the Pleaides. The transit lasts most of the week, but the closest transit is today.
So I asked Archangel Michael what that would mean for us.
The word I got back was "perturbation".
So I looked it up and this is the definition: " the act of perturbing. the state of being perturbed. mental disquiet, disturbance, or agitation. a cause of mental disquiet, disturbance, or agitation."
So if that is the way you are feeling today, or this week, you will know why.
Mars is the planet that is closely linked to our Masculine energy and the Pleaides, by contrast, to the more Feminine energy.
This close transit between Mars and Alcyone (the brightest star/sun in the Pleaides and believed to be a Great Central Sun in our Galaxy) is causing all kinds of mayhem and imbalances right now, both inner and outer. But it is all good as a new balance is being sought that will bring us to higher frequencies of light.
My best advice is to take good care of yourself, breathe, and try to stay peaceful and calm. It will pass in the next few days and calm down.
Love to everyone!

3rd March 2021

3/3 Portal and Divine Feminine Grace : 3rd March
Today is the 3rd of March, the 3/3 Portal.
Following on the Virgo Full Moon, the 3/3 portal is all about the energy of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine.
It is the energy of the Goddess in Nature and Abundance through Nature, perhaps a fitting energy for this time as the seasons begin to change.
This powerful Feminine energy made me think how we are all healing the Divine Feminine within. As the Age of Pisces unfolded two thousand years ago, bringing the Seeds of the Christ Light to Earth, the Divine Feminine was lost and replaced with a distorted and artificial masculine energy that suppressed and enslaved the feminine. So many generations of women have suffered under this, and so many are healing wounds so that they can return to their true power as women. And so that men can own their inner Divine Feminine without feeling disempowered.
Now is the time to reconnect with the flow of Blessings and Abundance that comes to us when we reconnect with Nature and with the Great Mother and with the true Christ Light.
We need to remember where we originated, in the Garden of Nature, as children of the Divine Mother.
When we connect to her we discover that she is the source of All Abundance. When we lose that connection, we fall into a feeling of lack and scarcity and fear. When we reconnect we feel that Abundance is part of Who we Are, not something outside of us that we need to search for.
Have a Blessed 3/3 everyone!

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What's Happening This Month

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    3 March 2021
    3/3 Portal

    A Divine Feminine/Goddess portal that celebrates Love, Abundance, Compassion and Peace.

  • Piscesfishes
    13 March 2021
    New Moon in Pisces

    A Beautiful and Dreamy New Moon ruled by Neptune and allowing you to dream and manifest with the beautiful Divine Feminine Energy.

  • 129823538 10157564360340778 1875652026797751006 n
    20 March 2021
    Sun into Aries and Equinox

    After a deep and dreamy period we are awakened by the incoming and fiery energy of Aries and the powerful Sacred Moment of the Equinox.  Here the day and the nigh are of equal length as the seasons turn towards Spring in the North and Autumn in the South.  In this Sacred time we can expect powerful waves of Light Codes and transformative energies as we prepare for the next stages of our journey.

  • librascales
    28 March 2021
    Full Moon in Libra

    This is the Full Moon of Balance and Creativity.  The Scales are weighed and what is not in balance must be released before you can move into the next part of the journey.

    Goddess Ma'at, the Cosmic Goddess of the Sirian/Egyptians holds the Balances as we strive to embody her essence in perfect balance and harmony in our hearts.

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There will  be 10 Private  Soul Star Sessions of one hour available in March 2021. Cost USD 250.

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