Connecting with your inner divine essence is the first step... The Adventure is how you express that as you!


My name is Celia Fenn and I share my work and my passion with you through this website.

I am an International and Self Employed Personal Empowerment and Creativity Teacher. Working with Spiritual Energies and through my writings, channels, books, paintings, global seminars, online webinars and personal private sessions, I will help you to find your inner power, your connection with your soul and your mission in this lifetime.

You are welcome to join our Community of Light in our ongoing conversations about Ascension and Transformation.  We gather in webinars, via the website and Facebook to share information, channels, videos and celebrations of key moments in the Sacred year.  Please join our newsletter if you would like to know more about our Group activities in the Sacred Year.

I hope to accompany you as you "fly forth" on your Journey of Light!

Please enjoy the site and the information!

2020 : The Year of The Great Awakening and Major Transformation on Earth

There is no doubt that  2020 is a very powerful time, leading us into a new decade that will bring huge shifts and changes to our Earth.  Where you will find yourself is up to you and the choices that you make.  If you choose for Love, Peace and Harmony and the New Earth, then that is the journey that will manifest for you!

On this website it is my aim to inform and support you on your path through this transition!

 We offer you assistance and support in connecting with your Inner Power and the New Earth frequencies..  You can purchase "The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality" from our store which will help you to understand the New Earth Reality, you can join one of our online webinar courses, or you can benefit from a Private consultation.  There are also many free online offerings available on an ongoing basis.  You can also join our Mailing List at the bottom of the "About Celia" page.

Upcoming Webinars and Courses

2020 Lions Gate Webinar Series

The Sacred New Year (26th July) and the 8/8 Lions Gate (8th August).

Dates : 26th July, 2nd, 8th, 16th and 23rd August.

Join our Community to celebrate these transits and learn new information for the New Earth.

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 Private Consultations

In June 2020 I will be offering 10 Private Soul Star Sessions of one hour (USD250) and 10 one question sessions of 30 minutes (150USD).

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Enjoy the 6/6 Gathering with our Diamond Light Circle Community


June Solstice and Eclipse Gathering of the Diamond Light Circle Community

Message of the Day : 2nd July

We are now in July and moving towards the beautiful Lions Gate Portal.
But first....we have to journey through, and integrate, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Portal in Capricorn (Cancer Sun), which occurs on Sunday 5th of July.
This Lunar Eclipse will not be an easy one. It is all about the continuation of the process of abrupt and rapid releases of the old structures and the old ways. There are also 5 planets in retrograde, and 4 of these are outer planets, which means that old issues and patterns will come up yet again for another chance to let go and make different choices moving forward.
The choices we need to make will be those that align with the New Time Line and the New Earth, and with the Divine Feminine energy that is the leading vibration of the new golden age of harmony and freedom that is arising.
Before we can experience Freedom and Peace, we must release and throw off everything that holds up back.
Now is the right time.
Time to step into Empowerment, Creativity and Personal Sovereignty.
Time to step up and BE the New Energy with Grace and Beauty!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

26th June

The Big "disconnect" and moving into the Flow of the Heart.

One of the things I have noticed post the Solstice/Eclipse is that things, and people, seem to be struggling to "connect".
Except through the Heart!
The mind seems to lack the words and phrases to explain or to explore.
The New Earth Narrative is Feminine and it Flows from the Heart on waves of Golden Light and the New Angelic Frequencies.
Please don't worry if you feel this "disconnect" at times.
It is really evidence that the two Earth timelines are beginning to move into different frequencies and it is becoming more difficult to move between them.
If you are in the New Earth frequency with others, then the Heart is the center. You feel connected, you feel Love and Harmony.
If you are on the "other" timeline, then you will struggle with the disconnect and collapse of the old ways.
And if, like most of us, you have to navigate between them on a daily basis, you are learning to hold your power and your energy in a state of Love and Harmony, no matter where you find yourself.
Blessings to All of you, Beloved Ones!

23rd June 2020

In the wake of the powerful energies of the week end, I think most of us are feeling a little shell shocked.
I have had back pain, and have heard so many people speaking about physical pain in their body.
There are huge shifts happening, in our bodies, as we move into crystalline and diamond light bodies in order to be part of the New Earth Reality. The physical body is releasing and letting go of so much old "stuff" from the past and past lifetimes, and probably also from the future, as the timelines shift and realign.
Now is the time to be specially diligent in out self-care and making sure that we get enough rest and good food and water.
It will pass!
Love to everyone!

18th June 2020

As we approach the Solstice/Eclipse on the 20th and 21st June, the energy is intensifying on all levels.
The activation and rewiring of the Pineal Gland. continues, but is also opening up connections to the High Heart and Throat chakras.
This is being felt in the Collective as a release of anger and frustration and a desire to be heard.
On the individual level, you may feel "burning" sensations in the chest and throat area, as well as headaches and sinus congestion or pain.
The best way to deal with these energies is through working with the Heart/High Heart and Throat Chakras with the beautiful Gold and Green frequencies that are coming through very strongly right now.
The Green opens and soothes the Heart, and the Gold raises consciousness and brings us into alignment with the Christ Consciousness and the Unity Consciousness of the Higher Dimensions.
You can visualise your body/light body aligning with these frequencies and being lifted into higher consciousness as you are filled with Divine Love and Power.

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What's Happening This Month

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    5 June 2020
    Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

    A powerful Full Moon and Eclipse in Sagittarius with Sun in Gemini.  The Moon transits Sagittarius which aligns with the Galactic Center, allowing for a flow of Light Codes and new information to be anchored in the New Earth grids.

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    6 June 2020
    6/6 Portal

    On this 6th of June we transit the 6/6 portal.  This is very strong as it occurs right after the Full Moon/Eclipse.

    This is the moment when. we can realign our Inner Masculine and Feminine in Divine Sacred Union and access the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness.

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    20 June 2020

    This is the June Solstice ....Summer in the North and Winter in the South.

    It is a turning point in the Sacred Year, when the seasons change and the spiral moves around the curve and "heads back" towards winter/summer for a new cycle of light.  A very Sacred time.

  • 99440958 2863198320445632 8163382337359314944 n
    21 June 2020
    New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse

    Right after the Solstice we go into a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer.

    The Divine Feminine is the major energy here.  She brings forth powerful new energies for the New Earth right after the "reset" of the Solstice.

Private Consultations with Celia

There will  be 10 Private  Soul Star Sessions of one hour available in June 2020. Cost USD 250.

There will also be 10 Single Question sessions of 30 minutes available in June 2020. Cost USD 150.

These may be live online with Zoom, or in written form via email.

You choose what works best for you!

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