Connecting with your inner divine essence is the first step... The Adventure is how you express that as you!


My name is Celia Fenn and I share my work and my passion with you through this website.

I am an International and Self Employed Personal Empowerment and Creativity Teacher. Working with Spiritual Energies and through my writings, channels, books, paintings, global seminars, online webinars and personal private sessions, I will help you to find your inner power, your connection with your soul and your mission in this lifetime.

Please enjoy the site and the information!

  2018 : The Year One of Diving Deeper into your Soul Power

The Year of 2018 is the year in which we fully integrate the New Earth frequencies and begin to manifest a Multi-Dimensional New Earth.

We will be diving deeper into our Soul and discovering who we really are and all that we can be and create in the New Earth.  The Lady of the Lake will guide us to embody our Divine Feminine, and we will walk the path of the Lion Heart fearlessly with the Star Elders.

Here at Starchild we offer you assistance and support in connecting with your Inner Power and the New Earth frequencies..  You can purchase "The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality" from our store which will help you to understand the New Earth Reality, you can join one of our online webinar courses, or you can benefit from a Private consultation.  There are also many free online offerings available on an ongoing basis.  You can also join our Mailing List at the bottom of the "About Celia" page.


 Private Consultations

I will be offering 10 Private Soul Star sessions in June.The sessions offer powerful intuitive and channeled guidance for your life and Soul Purpose! . For more information click here.

Upcoming Seminars and Online Webinar Courses




Galactic Shamanism Level One : Introductory will be offered on 19th, 26th May and 9th June at 7PM South African time.  Please Click Here to learn more and to register.

Galactische Shamanismus Level 2 DeutschTrommeln und Trommelreisen. Ubersetzin Zarah Zyankali.

Juni 11, 18 und 25, 2018.

Galactic Shamanism Level 2 English : Plant and Tree Medicine. 

July 1st, 8th and 15th.  7PM Cape Town time.

For more information and to register, please click here.

The Lion's Gate 2018 Webinar Series.

 The Lion's Gate of 2018 will be a powerful one....the first Lion's Gate in the New Earth frequency.

We will be meeting in the Zoom online webinar room for sessions and activations on Sundays the 22nd and 29th of July and the 5,8 and 12 of August at 7.00 PM Cape Town time.  This includes the Lion's Gate on the 8th of August.

Cost of the series will be US Dollars 150.

More details soon!

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What's Happening This Month

  • gemini new moon
    13 June 2018
    New Moon in Gemini

    This month's New Moon is in the Airy sign of Gemini, the Twins.  This is a good time to work with your inner Twins, the Inner Twin Flame, and ensure that your inner Divine Masculine and Feminine are in balance and harmony.All that lovely Uranus energy will also motivate you to new projects, especially writing and other forms of communication.  Now may be a good time to explore the Language of Light!

  • Solar Wings
    21 June 2018
    June 2018 Solstice Star Gate

    The June 2018 Solstice is a powerful Solar Gate where the Earth balances itself before moving forward towards the second phase of the seasonal/elemental year.  It a time to celebrate what has been and to look forward to what might be, while still staying perfectly grounded in the present moment.  For it is the NOW moment that is the point of balance for our ongoing creations as we spin our dreams into Reality.

  • Capricorn Full Moon
    28 June 2018
    Full Moon in Capricorn

    With the Sun in Cancer, the Full Moon falls in Capricorn.  Capricorn is a powerful Earth sign that is being aspected by Pluto right now, creating powerful energies for change and transformation and the creation of the New Earth.  This Full Moon will be a good time to meditate on what you wish to create when we begin another spiral of time next month at the Planetary New Year and the Lion's Gate Portal in August.

Private Soul Star Consultations with Celia

I will be offering 10 Private Soul Star Channels in the month of June  2018.

Click here to read more or book your private session.


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