Russian language webinar : Information from the 5/5 Star Gate

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Material from the 5/5 English webinar by Celia Fenn and with translations by Irina Sataeva.

There will be three webinar sessions with mp3 recordings and class notes.

1.Session One : Activating the Bridge to New Earth and the DNA activations at 5/5.  The “ladder” to Heaven and New Earth is provided to us.  Also explanations of what happens when you choose New Earth as opposed to choosing to stay in alternate Earth - or to be in both places simultaneously.  Activation with Archangel Michael.

2. Session Two :Service to the Light and Humanity.  The New Divine Masculine is service oriented to the community and is motivated by Love and Compassion. We will look at how this is expressed in our new quantum Reality.  Activations with Archangel Michael.

3. Session 3 : Making Home.  Accepting the Quantum Flow of Divine Light energy and being fully present in your new reality or realities.  Surrender, Acceptance and Gratitude are keys to integrating into the New Reality.  Closing Activations with Archangel Michael.

Time : Sundays  23 and 30 June  and 7th July at 7.00PM Cape Town time

Cost : 100 US Dollars

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Payment for participants outside of the Russian Federation :

Participants inside Russian Federation to pay Irina directly.